The Ambiguous Future of Copyright


Half-dozen protesters in hazmat garb, one with a bullhorn:

  What do we want?
  When do we want it?
  How are we going to get it?
    MUTE the UTE ZERO!
  When are we going to do it?
    BE A HERO!
    MUTE the UTE ZERO!
  What do we want?

Friend1: "WTF's UTE ZERO? What's the line for?"

Friend2: "'UTE ZERO'!?"

Nearest protester: "UTE ZERO is defective by design!" and hands F1 a flyer.

Friend2: "Oh, this is where the Ubzubzu Store pop-up is! Cool, I crowdfunded this at level 'Advance notice of pop-up opening'. Damn, where was my advance notice?"

Still-close protester: "You made a ruinous compromise and lucked out so far! Reject the UTE ZERO as it rejects your freedom!"

Booming voice over much louder soundsystem: "This is Smark, thanks for supporting the Ubzubzu Store pop-up! We couldn't have desinged the coolest, most highly trusted device without you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now, let's take it to the next level. Buy a production run Ubzubzu Trusted Edge Zero Device now for only 0.0014BTC, delivered by May 2024. For two lucky pop-up supporters, I have two Ubzubzu Trusted Edge Minus Zero prototype devices NOW, for only 0.099BTC!"

Friend1: "Getting one? I mean minus one, er, zero?"

Friend2: "Do I look like I have 0.099BTC? Even 0.0014BTC is steep for something months out. But this flyer makes it sound hot, if Smark delivers."

Friend1: "Oh? What's this trust? I'm generally cool with my Ubzubzu Edge Eye 2022.10, old as it is. It doesn't even say what kind of advice it is!?"

Friend2: "I know, eye, finger, ear, implant?"

Friend1: "Ass..."

Friend2: "If I can extract info from this rant, I think Commonible, Ltd, is saying they've perfected trusted computing, fully protecting you from hacking and making ALL media available, fully compensating all value chains."

Friend3 (quiet one): "I read about sth like this, Project Xanaxu. Real old stuff. The inventor thought the Web failed to transclude micropayments."

Friend2: "If that's true, could be an end to the infowars."

Friend1: "These (pointing to the protesters) will be out of a gig."

Friend3: "Nah, they ceased to be relevant decades ago. They'll carry on projecting that we'll all be slaves to software we can't hack."

Friend1: "Isn't being unhackable the point?"

Friend3: "Um, would you give up your freedom for security and convenient access to entertainment?"

Friend1 & Friend2: "Yes!"